Martin Byczek and Maryanna Dudek

Martin Byczek married Maryanna Dudek in 1907 at St. Mary of Perpetual Help in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. The family consisted of seven sons and three daughters. The two eldest sons were baptized at St. Mary and the remaining children were christened at the newly established St. Barbara church near their home. The 1940 census indicates that the entire family were living together in a large family rental building that was owned by Martin and Maryanna Byczek. Their three sons Michael, George, and John served in the military during World War II. The family purchased a farm in Indiana after the war, and Maryanna was primarily responsible for the business. All of the family members remained in Chicago until retirement. Maryanna passed away in 1949 at the farm and Martin was laid to rest in 1963. Michael M. Byczek is their grandson, and he has compiled a complete family genealogical record.


Michael M. Byczek Genealogy



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